This is incredible. It looks like a Kitchen in Chapeltown in 1970’s- that’s a long time ago. Perhaps it is like Gertrude’s kitchen. It looks quite old fashioned now. Is that music playing on the old radio and fridge magnets? Can you create a song about your legend- look, there’s already one here.


I am going to explore this place. Share your ideas and fill the space with your thoughts and imagination. I am going to take a look around and come back later to find out what you have placed here justice seekers. Make your voice heard.

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Ideas for Justice Seekers

– Can you create your own inspiring fridge magnets to put up? You can use words or images.

– Think about something your hero always says. This could be a joke they are known for or quote from a newspaper. You can even be creative and make up something they might say! Share your inspiring quote with us.

– Have you listened to our Legends rap? Think about a song that would represent your hero and write it or sing it! You can also just share a song that reminds you of them.

Take a look at some other legends people have added!

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